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4 bedrooms newly builtDsq

Gated community estate Kiambu Road At 88m Sitting on a…Read More→


The project is located 16 km west of Nanyuki town…Read More→

Welcome to Thika Grove Chania

Thika Grove – Chania is a master-planned and controlled gated community located 2 km off Thika Super Highway at Blue Post.

Bliss water park

our Gateway to Tranquil Living Nestled just a stone’s throw…Read More→

Nesty wood serviced plots -Sigona

Nesty wood villas located 500m off waiayaki at Rironi and…Read More→

A Journey of Excellence-five years in overview..

As we commemorate five years of operations at Arclivin Properties, we take immense pridein our steadfast commitment to providing tailored home ownership solutions. Our journeyhas been marked by resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering dedication to connectinghome buyers with developers or individual sellers seeking to maximize their investments. Our inaugural year coincided with the onset of…Read More→

Nanyuki’s Plot Uptake Soars: A Testament to Local and Diaspora Investment

Nanyuki, with its breathtaking landscapes and burgeoning real estate market, hasemerged as a prime destination for both local and diaspora investors seekinglucrative opportunities. In recent years, the region has witnessed a remarkable surgein the uptake of plots, reflecting a growing appetite for property ownership andinvestment in this scenic locale. Local Investment: Local investors, drawn by…Read More→

Why Site Visits During the Rainy Seasons

Site visits are a crucial aspect of any construction or real estate project, offering invaluable insights and opportunities for informed decision-making. While site visits are typically conducted under optimal weather conditions, there are compelling reasons why visiting project sites during the rainy seasons is equally essential. Here’s why: 1. Assessing Drainage and Water Management: During the…Read More→